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February 25, 2008


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That team sure does like the big contracts. Im stillnot sure about the Richards deal. We may be giving up too much to get a guy they have to get rid of now. Tsn reports that we have offered Smitty, Halpern, Jokinen, and maybe Fistric for richards. Thats a bunch. I dont mind losing Jokinen and Halpern basically for Richards and Modano who will fill Halperns role. Also that takes off about 4 mil for next season. But I dont like throwing Fistric in. Aslo, the mmain teams we are competting with to get him are Chicago and Columbus. So is not like we have to throw in fistric to stop him from going to San Jose which i think would be bad news for us.

I agree that could be too much. I still think the Stars have the inside track here. I know folks out of the Tampa area who said that Richards wants to play for a contender. That's one thing Chicago and Columbus aren't (at least this season). I don't mind giving up Fistric as much as I would've minded Grossman or Niskanen. Tampa Bay needs D-men and goaltending.
Enjoy watching the drama today.

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