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April 23, 2008


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Am I reading this right? Will games 1 and 5 ONLY be viewable on Versus in the metroplex?

So if you don't shell out the extra bucks to upgrade your cable/satellite package you're out of luck?

Tell me the NHL didn't do this to us again.

Unfortunately John that's the way I understand the situation. I'm in the same boat. If you don't have Versus in your package, it's radio time for games 1 and 5. I'm afraid as the playoffs go deeper there will be more and more games only on Versus.

I saw your post, Dwain, and you're right. From the way I understand it, the second round is the final round for local TV. From the conference finals on, I'm pretty certain it's all national, with Versus and NBC.

Fok versus!

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