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May 19, 2008


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Of course I'm sad that the playoff run is over, but they have nothing to be ashamed of. They did a remarkable job this postseason, and they should be proud of themselves. I hope the fans are proud of them - I certainly am!

First off, great series. Props to the Stars.

The reason I'm writing is the article I read in your paper about Osgood not being "that good" of a goalie. It was a very disrespectful article IMO, especially for a guy who is well liked across the league. Maybe you're all still upset about the Ribeiro incident (even though Ozzie's never been dirty in his entire career, never has been suspended, and is respected across the NHL). But the article was just off base IMO.

Turco is a very good goalie, and I like the guy. Heck, without him, you guys wouldn't have got out of the first round, or worse yet, even made the playoffs. He's your MVP. Classy guy too, so I respect Marty a ton. I hope he wins a Cup one day.

I didn't like that article on Osgood at all, especially since his numbers, his stats and his play indicates the exact opposite. I don't recall there being any jabs at Turco for his comments about our teams character.

The guy, if he wins another cup, IS A HALL OF FAMER. 3 cups, 2 Jennings, 3 All Star games, could finish top 10 in Wins, had winning seasons in NY and STL, and could pass Sawchuck for all time winningest Red Wings goalie.

Remember this Dallas fans: All great goalies in the Hall played on great teams. Take them off those teams, many of them don't win. It's a team game, a team effort. Colorado was a great team, New Jersey was a great team... So the "he's average and he only plays for a great team" or "he should be in the Hall of Lucky" is just a sad, misinformed and uneducated opinion. When he retires, check his stats--because stats matter believe it or not.

Not only that, but tonight, he outplayed Turco. That's the fact. He stopped 15 or 16 shots in the third, and that game could have changed. Dallas came out flying! Plus, the refs gave Dallas most of the PP's tonight. Without all the PP's, Ozzie probably gets the shutout (like in game 6 back in 98). I think Ozzie finished with 28 saves, Turco 25. 2 of Marty's goals were bad ones.

I just had to comment because I was disgusted with the lack of respect I saw coming from your paper aimed at Chris Osgood, one of the classiest, most well respected guys in the NHL.

Keep hating on the guy, but bottom line: He wins. And in the end, that's all that matters. How you get it done is just fodder. Win, win and win. And so far, he's done that.

Ozzie's stats so far, and remember, he has 2 good years left in him:

2nd in Wins behind Sawchuck (352) with (279). He Will break 300 wins with Detroit.
First in Career Playoff Wins (tonight he notched his 48th playoff win for Detroit, surpassing Terry Sawchuck).

363 wins, 4th among active goaltenders, 15th all time.
5th fastest, 3rd youngest ever to reach 300 Wins
17th overall in Shutouts, 3rd among active goaltenders (47 shutouts)
Currently tied for 17th all time with a 2.43 GAA
Led NHL in wins in 1996
Led NHL in GAA in 2008
Has only had 2 seasons where he didn't win 20 or more games.
Has won 20+ games for 10 straight years
6 30+ Win seasons

8th all time, behind Sawchuck with 11 shutouts
4th among active goalies with 50 wins

Jennings Trophy for Lowest GAA in 97-98
Jennings Trophy for Lowest GAA in 07-08
Vezina Finalist, lost to Jim Carey, no longer in NHL...
2 Stanley Cup Championships
3 time NHL All Star
Several NHL Player of the Month Awards

Longest unbeaten streak: 21 games
Longest winning streak: 13 games
Longest losing streak: Only 5 games! (2x)


-Set franchise record for minutes played in a season (3,743), previously held by Hextall
-Set franchise record by appearing in 66 games
-In same game, set franchise record for 32 victories, previously held by HoFer Billy Smith
-Set franchise record with 4 assists by a goalie
-In Osgood's first year with the Islanders, they tallied 96 pts, the best in 18 yrs for the team.

I understand your love for Turco, but if Marty's is around as long as Osgood, and posts numbers like Osgood, then we'll talk about who the "better pure goalie" is.

@Detroit Red Wings Fan:
I agree with a lot of what you said. More importantly, I appreciate the way you wrote it, and I respect your sportsmanship. Good luck to the Red Wings. Should be a great Finals.

Great season for our Stars--every team has to take steps. Let's just be thankful for the great excitement they provided us this year and look forward to the next. Go STARS!

I would like to thank the Stars for doing the heavy lifting in the West. I think that if Detroit had faced Anaheim and San Jose, Dallas would have beaten Detroit in this series.

The Detroit "Colour Commentator", Mickey Redmond, has many times said; "Sometimes it is the previous series that beats you."

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