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May 11, 2008


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Ott looks frustrated to me. Like he hasnt been able to get many opposing players off their game and thats taking him off his game, resulting in him playing more like the steve ott of 2 years ago. Hopefully he reigns himself in a big from here on out.
Glad ribeiro did not get suspended. My initial reaction was oh no here it goes ribeiro just did something incredibly stupid and will be the laughing stock of hockey for it. Then i realized that taking that slash really was very uncharacteristic of him and Osgood much have done something to cause it and clearly he did.
On a side note we need to get more comments going on this blog.
Oh and the best way to get an undisclosed sum of money is to injure yourself at disneyland.

I agree, Ott looks a bit phazed.

Maybe he'll have more success getting under their skin tonight given that Detroit fans are predicting/hoping for a bloodbath (Maltby et al. coming after Ott & Ribeiro).

It'd be nice to see them take some of the stupid penalties in this series for a change. =(

I kinda hope they do come after the Stars . . . maybe it'll wake them the heck up.

Yeah Ive read alot of redwings talking about getting a pound of flesh and its really foolish IMO. First of all it wasnt that much of a slash. Second, Osgood obviously started it. Third and most importantly, the Redwings are up 2 games to 0 and it would be absolutely moronic of them to miss out on a chance to get a strangle hold on the series because they couldnt handle a weak slash. Theyve got some tough guys for sure, but they last thing they need is an all out war that ends with a datsyuk or zetterberg injured and unavailable.

The Detroit fans are calling for a bloodbath because they're angry. Babcock will not allow his team to get away from him and start taking stupid calls. You want to beat the Wings? capitalize on your chances and minimize your mistakes. These guys don't rattle.

As for Osgood having "started it" ? That's a given, but what would you Stars fans be calling for had Valterri Filpulla given Turco a two-handed chop to the chest when Turco elbowed him in the face in game 1?

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