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May 19, 2008


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Well it's the end. Honestly I'm surprised it happened so late. I wasn't very optimistic before the season started. The stars season was a great surprise. And they accomplished great things during the post season.

And frankly, it looks promising now for the future. They have good young players coming, they signed Ribeiro for many years....

Some guys in the playoffs were absolutely amazing, let's pay a tribute to them.

First, Turco, without him, it would have been an early exit. He was spectacular and he's the man.

Then Brenden Morrow, wow! I'll always remember this 7 period game and what he did. I was one of these guys who thought it was weird to name him the captain of the team but obviously, some stars staff members are smarter than me! Keep this guy on the team until he retires!

And Stephane Robidas, the iron or rubber man, I dont quite know how to call him but he got hit so hard but he was always there to make the big plays on defense AND offense during these playoffs. Try to keep your head up a little bit more though man, because I can't believe how hard you get hit!

And with all that being said, Let's go Penguins!!!!

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