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May 19, 2008


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Yes, it does give the Stars some hope, but where was the Stars hits in the first period? Would have been a different game if Dallas would have come out like this in the first.

I really enjoyed the season. Too bad it had to end but what I see is really good for the Stars future.

Go Stars!

Hey Dwain, I agree, as Dallas looks to have a good team for years to come, and they don't have to worry about Goaltending. What about Colorado though, as they have 13 Free Agents, a fired Coach, and a goaltender problem. Detroit should also be good for years to come. What about San Jose, which again lost early in the Playoffs. Oh well, should be a good final in my oppinion. Pitt does have all the offense, but Detroit's D is better. Thanks for replies Tracey, see you back in Detroit for the finals.

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