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July 21, 2008


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Well it wasn't anything big but I have heard of this kid before and he's supposed to be mighty fine. Do you know why they were so quick on it though Tracy? I mean you'd think their is something wrong with him as he's projected to be wicked!

Whatever they traded him but my god they gave us a radical player and really it wasn't for too much at all. I guess it just proves one mans garbabage is anothers treasure!

I tend to agree with you... something must be up for someone to give up a first-round draft pick. Maybe he didn't fare well in their system, maybe he didn't get along with someone in the system. Who knows? Perhaps he ends up being the Stars' newest version of Mike Ribeiro: a great player who just didn't work out well with a previous team.

Kings fans definitely aren't happy about losing Tuk! But after reading some Kings stuff, I guess it was just that his development was going to slwo and with so many other prospects they didn't really care.

I do agree that Tuk will probably be the next Mike Ribeiro as well and speaking of Mikey R I thought of this spankin' line:

Brunnstrom - Ribeiro - Tukonen

I mean if that isn't a energy line I don't know what the heck is! Also Tracy, what do you think is going on with Holmqvist? I mean we don't really have any other backup goalie to rely on! Like do you know if we're even negotiating a contract with him anymore?

Thanks, Ayden

Scouting report says he has a hard shot but has not found the ability to finish. Doesn't that ring a bell. Yeah thats right: Anti Miettenen.

Yeah him and Miettenen both have the same abilities and both em' do have a hard as heck slapper so I really think Lauri will be able to take up Antti's spot on the team.

Man, did we ever luck out on this one! I mean I liked Clune as that 3rd line pest but the chances he'd make it to the NHL was and still are slim.

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