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October 29, 2008


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I'd say, if your going to do it at all, start him in the first one. Give Marty a little more time off to get his head straight.

I agree with Jess. Let him start the first game. Will be interesting to what transpires in the next game. Do they fall off the cliff again? Has it 'really' sunk in what's needed every game? Guess we will see.

I'd agree with jess and dwaine. Start Toby. Let me add that I'd also continue to start Toby until he earned a benching.

After all, if he's earning his starts, he'll be at his best.

If Marty will understand that he must take his job seriously or else he's gone for as long as Toby plays well.

The capitalist philosophy serves us well again; monopolies breed laziness while competition brings out the competitive spirit.

Y'all be sure to vote on Tuesday.

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