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October 26, 2008


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I'm getting the feeling we won't be seeing Lehts until Christmas. He's just not healing.

God I love a woman who can talk hockey! (My wife fits this category, too. ;-)

Question: how many games has Lehtinen played in the past 2-3 years? And has his per game production and locker room effect worth the price?

It just seems like, while he's a great player (when healthy) and I like him and all, we might could get more for our money and the slot on the roster with someone else.

Ditto Zubov.

Whaddaya think?

I hear what you're saying, and there's no doubt that the Stars have to stop counting the days until these guys come back into the lineup. That being said, you can't deny their impact when they do get in. Think back to Zubov's outing three games back into the postseason last spring. It's just a tough call. All I know is, when they return, they're sooo worth their digits.

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