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October 15, 2008


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I agree Erickson is struggling offensively but its only 3 games into the season, i think its a little early to be saying that. However, i think he is completely making up for it on the defensive end and checking role. He has more blocks and steals than I have been able to keep track of. Yes, he is a young Lehts...

Eriksson didn't look that bad to me. He missed a few passes that were right on his tape but he moved the puck well and skated very hard. He just looks a little hesitant in the offensive zone. But as Andrew posted above, he looks SOOOO much like a young Lehts in the defensive areas of the ice. I think he will be fine. Mark Fistric has looked a half-step too slow. That Peteresen line with Lundvquist and Barch looked pretty good. Marty has made some nice stops and that needs to continue. If we can shore up the defense and get Marty to stop letting in the garbage, this team could meet or exceed the early expectations.

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