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November 01, 2008


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for some reason the stars went out of their way to try to be tough to play against in the offseason instead of just trying to be a good hockey team. Ott and Barch were enough. Now we've got 3 guys who are more interested in extra activities than the game itself and their mentality is rubbing off on others.


I'm not sure that I'd say that our muscle is overly focused on intimidating the opposition.

Avery has setup some nice goals and scored some as well. He seems to get more done than many other of our hitters.

You make a good point though about this team as a whole having a different philosophy, a different way of approaching the game this year.

If I read you correctly, I will agree with your observation that we didn't need to get "tougher" than we already were last year.

My view has been that every since Nanny-heim won the Cup, some teams have tried to copycat their over-the-top physical play (read "dirty"). I think that we are doing this, as you seemed to say.

And of course, it's not good. It's not even bad. It's horrible

The sources of our problems are so much more than the "heavies" being preoccupied in other areas of the game though.

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