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November 21, 2008


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sure am glad they got rid of Crombeen -- he couldn't help us now, could he?


This is going to be tougher on Morrow than the rest. He can only watch.

As Tippett indicated, the reaction of the other players will tell if this is a 'team'. Do we give up or step up and be the team. I'm not one of those, as I've read some other places, that want to dump the older players and throw the young guys into the fire. Some consider the season lost. That may have been anyway. If this doesn't wake everyone up and cause them to be a team, nothing will. This is more difficult than if the GM's fired Tippett. Just hope Jere can make it back without further problems.

I don't think we've seen anything this season to indicate that they can overcome any adversity. Unfortunately this will just give them an excuse to cash it in. Hope I'm wrong.

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