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November 12, 2008


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This blog is brutal. Sorry, but someone had to say it. I logged on to see what news there was about Marty Turco getting the next start, and to see what the coach thought of his performance last night. Instead, I get someone's opinion that, essentially, the Stars are full of excuses and not getting any better. While that may be true, (and this is a blog so personal opinions are welcome) give me something of substance. I can get a large majority of what you put on the blog from just watching the game. You get to travel with the team and see things fans don't, so don't tell me what I already saw on TV. Blogs like yours should be used for "behind-the-scenes" info we fans cannot get by watching. Maybe I'm biased because I read Russo's Rants on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune website and I actually learn interesting things, but come on. I believe that it's telling that I only see 2 comments about your work. You obviously haven't impressed too many people with your style. Maybe fans in Dallas aren't very opinionated about their team, but with the way the season has been so far I doubt that.

Sorry, for,
I'm just not bringing the A game every night. Yes, I will keep the opines coming because that is the main gist of a blog. But I will include more quotes, more dirt, more info, more fun and frolicking from the Stars locker room.
And if I find a dead body, I'll figure out a way to put that on here, too.
Have a happy day :)

Tracey, I appreciate the response. If the locker room isn't that exciting (which I'm gleaning from the sarcastic dead body comment), then ignore my critique as there is nothing for you to do but give the readers your take on the games. Have a happier day ;)

To "for4rest"
Your opening comment "brutal blog" was fittingly followed by a rambling diatribe I would describe as a "brutal blog".You basically insult Tracy,bloggers on the site, the Stars and Stars fans. Get a life and get on some meds!!!!I also would ask you how many hours have you spent on this blog to justify the accuracy of your comments. I would assume hundreds over the last several years since you think you have the pulse of Star nation and keys to effective jounalism.

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