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November 12, 2008


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Is it just me or do make most goalies in the league look like Vezina candidates?. They all can't be that good!....Enjoy the red-eye

They just need to shoot the puck, keep shooting and get some rebounds past the goalie. For the life of me I don't understand why so many guys are scared to death to shoot.

I agree with Cowtown... not sure if the Kings netminder was as challenged as he should've been. The Stars' tentativeness is unbelievable right now. Just spending too much time looking for the perfect shot.

I agree with both you and "cowtown" reference last nights "tentativeness" with shots. My point was referring games "in general" and maybe your answers could apply to most games....Marty last night, in an interview indicated(I'm paraphrasing): "We all know the importance of points, but maybe we should be concentrating on superior play game by game, and revisit points by Christmas"..I know I'm reaching here, but relaxed intensity could be more effective than up-tight intensity.(feel free to quote me on the last sentence)....Stars:have fun,crash the net,be physical, backcheck, and SHOOT,SHOOT,SHOOT!!!!!

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