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November 09, 2008


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Marty can't blame his brain fart on being bored because he wasn't getting involved in the action this time.

BTW Tracey if you're looking for great Japanese for a good price try Wasabi & Ginger at the corner of Van Ness and Vallejo over on Russian Hill. Great sushi.

Hey tracey

Was at the game on saturday at the tank. Saw a whole lot of good rather than bad which is relaxing as the stars are getting back to their old ways. Turco's mistake was mindblowing. I really don't know what the thought process was there. oh well, 4th time ive been to the tank for stars sharks since the lockout and it was the first loss for the stars. I thought they were gonna pull it out but like you said sharks went into attack mode late in the game while the stars were in defensive mode. Both teams were kind of two different teams in the third period. Stars had the legs and attack in the first part of the third( puck pursuit by eriksson in particular led to the stars only goal, and were energized by that and got some good chances after that especially on the powerplay). But the sharks responded and give them credit as they generated more in the second half of the period and stars the went 1 point fishing.

anyways, defensively they look a whole lot better which is the key to their game. So some positives going forward. They need to get some momentum going and string a few wins together, which should give them confidence and get back to elite stanley cup contender play.

Finally, jere lehtinen will change this team a lot when he returns and in all the best ways. put him on the top line with ribs and mnorrow and the stars will be able to roll three very good lines that can score and he will clean up mistakes too because thats what he does.So, essentially we will have lehtinen on two lines because eriksson is really turning into a great two way player.

Stat of the day: remember when lehtinen came back after injury last year- He returned Feb 1 and the stars went 12-2 for the month of febuary culminating in the feb 28 game against the blackhawks which is a day all stars fans remember- Brad richards debut and the funk the stars went into after that.

Jere lehtinen cures all ills!

....and if you're looking for good sausage, just go down Castro Street...

Best deli's in S.F.

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