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November 05, 2008


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Any player is better when they're happy, espically when they are ecstatic! I don't totally see his style fitting ours though, like JL taught and still teaches a very different style than Dave does.

Oh and Zubov is skating? I didn't expect him to be on the ice, but man, am I ever happy! He is going to help his so much when he comes back, when is he expected?

Even though the upper body injury doesn't look bad it may be worse than it seems! I don't mind that Ott is out as much as I do about Morrow though as Steve seriously deserves this after what he was acting like against Boston! Do you still think Morrow and Ott will be 100% though? As Anaheim is always tough and as much as I hate Ott for what he did in Boston, we need him to whup Duck butt!


what happened to the weekly video blog? It needs to be WEEKLY! i really appreciate it, but I wish it was higher quality. I'll probably get censored for saying that, oh well..

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