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December 14, 2008


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I'm afraid I don't know squat about hockey. I'm from Texas. Not much hockey was going on when I was growing up. I do however applaud any pro sports team that parts company with a overpaid, big mouth, thug, like Avery.
The Dallas Cowboys should tear a page out of the Stars player conduct manual. If there is one.

Wouldn't it be nice if the Cowboys & the Mavericks had this same attitude about their ignorant ill behaved players? Maybe we could start to teach our kids that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Sing along, now, to the tune of "Winter Wonderland"..."Mister Owens, are you listenin'..."

Good riddance, I wonder what the Stars were thinking when they picked him up. Another bad contract signed off by Tom Hicks. Go figure.

So he said she was sloppy seconds...at least he didn't call her a "BITCH", "WHORE", or "SLUT". Oh, BTW, I am a women and could care less about what he said. The people who really know this women know his comment is false. An the people who know him, knows he runs his mouth a lot.

Good. I am glad to see it turn out this way. If he cleans up his act, or at least pretends to, some other teams may become interested and the Stars can hopefully make a decent trade out of it.

This whole deal has been doomed from the start and now it's the Stars that have to pay.

Avery has had "anger management" problems for years and they knew what they were getting when they signed him (Team still too "vanilla" for you Hully?)

NOW they're stuck with his huge contract while Avery gets to decide if he wants to play again and gets paid whether he wants to play or not.

And seriously - why do people act so surprised? Who didn't know something like this would happen?

Whatever way you look at it Avery wins and the Stars lose both in money and in reputation!

The Stars messed up by signing this guy! His attitude isn't why I hated this signing though. The Stars don't score enough plain and simple. Hull should have called up Marian Hossa. I'd like to see if they will take a shot at Ilya Kovalchuk in the future.

Dallas Stars are just showing that hockey is as ridiculous and hypocritical a business as it is a sport.

They've set a damned high bar for the conduct of future players. I don't think anyone expects them to observe it consistently.

lizbeth - with all due respect, parents don't need to wait for anyone in pro sports to give any of us the okay to "..start teaching.." our kids anything.

We should start when the child is born. And never stop, don't you think?

Colt - thanks for being honest enough to say up front that you aren't a hockey expert. You're way ahead of most.

Joe - take a shot at Ilya? With what money? Maybe Obama will print some for a hockey bailout? P.S. Hossa wanted to play for one team, and he's on their roster.

Lycomb - the "bar" you speak of has been around for a long time in Stars Land. It hasn't been raised. Just enforced.

Meges - agreed that the Stars should have not let Sean get all of the money coming to him. In certain ways he breached the contract. It's hard for Stars players to have a fighting spirit when they see that mgmt doesn't.

I don't agree that anyone could have known that this would actually come to pass. You and I knew that it could happen though.

That's Right - (whom apparently likes to get high before commenting here),You are funny. Or at least your grammar is. Your manners? Well, that's another post.

Charles - funny. Would you agree that T.O. probably listens as well as Avery?

Steve, Earl - I'm with you both. Good comments. Not that my opinion means anything, but at least you two make sense.

Finally, for Ms. Myers - I like that "headline" for this post: "Avery is done in Dallas" seeing as Avery has done Dallas... you, make me laugh. And can't we all use a laugh or two right about now?

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