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December 05, 2008


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Tracey - do you know if there was a behavior clause in his contract? Will the Stars have to eat his salary and take the cap hit?

The boys need to go on a 4 game winning streak, and make the decision easy for Brett and Les.

Let the opinions fly, does he stay or does he go. I personally think Avery has played his last game with the Stars. Fine, be done with it and move on and let's hope the Stars can try to salvage something out of this season. As for Turco, I say you need to quit talking about the hole under Avery's nose and start trying to fix the hole in your glove. Get that GAA down a little bit and we might start winning some games.

I hope Avery will learn his lesson: Next time, just crosscheck the guy in the face or swing your stick at his head, that way you'll have a shorter suspension. The NHL is a ridiculous JOKE!

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