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December 02, 2008


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I can't believe what a bunch of pansies the NHL is being about this! It's called "trash talk" and worse things are said on a nightly basis in every game.

This is not suspension worthy. Hasn't anyone heard the term Freedom of speech. Yes Sean has a big mouth, but he didnt hurt anyone physically. Look what he said in the playoffs last year about one of the best goaltenders in the league. He called Martin Brodeur a "fatso".

Mr. Bettmen suspended him becuase he was in Dallas the "Jesus Crispies of the world".

If Sean was still in New York he would have never been suspended....

Ms. Myers, for your information words can't hurt...

Mr. Hicks has no choice, I guess Dallas is a Bible Belt!!!!

How do the Dallas Stars survive in this atmosphere!!!!

Yet the media still put the mike DOWN TO HIS MOUTH.....I love Avery but it seams like the Stars keep on getting my Kings SLOPPY 2nds!!!!! Boucher, Odonnell, Sydor, Norstrom, etc etc !!!

Unbelievable that he was suspended for that. But I'm not surprised, Bettman is a ridiculous little creature.

This is the best thing to happen to the Stars. Avery is not that good of a player. He sucks as a teammate, because it's always about Sean. If you don't realize that, then read some of his past comments (playing with dolls, etc.) that even his own parents can't believe he's saying. It's all about attracting attention to himself.

Worst of all, the salary cap hit for Avery has crippled the Stars chances for bringing in legit players who can help the team. Plus, because of Avery's rep, he gets no benefit of the doubt from any ref. If it's close to a penalty, they'll call it on Sean, so he's actually become a liability. He's taken a lot more penalties than he's drawn.

Hagman signed for a little less in Toronto and he has almost doubled Avery's point total (no surpise there). Plus, he worked hard every single shift. So, who do you think the rest of the Stars would rather have on the team (Avery or Hagman).

This was definitely worthy of a suspension. Real Stars fans don't want that classless little turd on our team.

If the Stars dump Avery now, you'll see a resurgent Stars team that starts to win some games. Who knows, this season may be salvageable and we may be able to make the playoffs fterall.

Was his moronic verbal spitting worthy of such a suspension? No, not really. But I agree with Melrose. I've thought he's been a big part of the problem all year. Taking stupid penalties. Disrupting the cohesiveness they were trying to find again as a team. I'm glad he's gone...but I would have rather seen it happen in a trade where something in return was gained. I wasn't happy about them signing him in the first place. He's not worth the money. Especially considering that at least 2 skaters with more offensive and defensive skill could've been added to the roster for the same price.

Keep up the great work Ms. Myers!

I do NOT.. think sean avery should have gotten suspended its called "TRASH TALK" what he said was funny.

I guess politically correct texans are not ready for real hockey yet..

What he said was not funny. It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing for the NHL, for his team mates, for the Star's owners, and not least of all to himself. What he said is disrespectful not only to the women he dated, but to the whole of the hockey community. Avery is an embarrassment to the sport and by his action has proven that he only cares about one thing - Avery. I hope he's not allowed back into the league, but unfortunately I'm sure the suspension is only temporary.

He's a jack-ass or monumental proportions.

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