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December 19, 2008


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I suppose you just forgot to mention Trevor Daley...????

That was a great game.. Most definetly fun to watch in person.

Though 1 question Tracey - Why do you always refer to us as kids? Been reading your blog for over a year now (I find it great :)) and most of us aren't kids ;)

I call you kids so you all feel young... I figured Sirs and Ma'ams would just advance the age process :)

Thanks Tracey. I could use a little de-aging. Kinda like de-icing?

Happy Holidays to all on the blog.

He was saying stop, b/c he got the crap kicked/knocked out of him... I doubt its a shoulder, its his face, did you see it?

Turco may have given up 5 goals last night, but I'm not sure which, if any, you'd say was his fault or even stoppable. The defense in front of him was so sloppy on those goals, you can hardly fault him for it.

Paul, I agree somewhat. If you give up five, there's a goal or two in there you probably should get. But considering the Stars were playing just five defensemen most of the night (with Trevor Daley out after about eight minutes), the blue-liners were strapped. So that definitely was a factor in all of that.

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