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January 06, 2009


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Hope everything goes well with Zubov. Glad to see Ludqvist back in time for the Wings game.

Was Turco a :no show" at practice today? I missed seeing him there this morning.

Have the Stars made public yet what exactly is wrong with Zubov and I missed it? Or is it still hush-hush?

Zubov has a hip injury, and it's on that hip he had his procedure done today. Tippett was uncertain how it went, but it doesn't change his status for the season. He's still out for the remainder of it.

Sorry, knew that much, I meant more specific than hip injury (i.e., something like Russian-rusty-hip-syndrome). From how it sounds, it seems as though he got the surgery done to prolong his career (which meant forfeiting this season of course).

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