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February 15, 2009


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If they aren't on fire Monday, they really do have a problem. As tight as the standings are, gaining a playoff spot will require a lot of fires.

They had better. They can't afford not to now. What was up with Otter only playing 10 minutes? He is usually such a spark plug when the team needs energy. After the hit on Sharp was his presence on the ice too much of a spark plug for the Hawks? Just curious.

Glad to see you back on the blog and in front of the camera last night.

Dallas hasnt been playing very well defensively lately but Turco has been bailing them out more often. I do think the schedule has hurt the team lately. It also appears that they have fallen back to a more passive style than they were playing during the winning streak. The dmen were more active and the stars controlled the puck. Its also easier not to make defensive mistakes when you have the puck on your stick.

One word - Bouwmeester.

Get him.

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