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February 09, 2009


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Steve Ott has been my favorite for years, and he's REALLY stepping up right now. But it would be hard to have any kind of conversation about how the Stars have improved without Marty Turco's name right in the middle.

The entire first line get my vote. The whole first line has been fantastic. Jere is Jere, we're getting what we expect (which is a lot). Ribs has regained his big contract form (5 mil/yr?), and Otter has really filled the vacuum left by Morrow.

PS Good to have you back Tracey

A big shout out to Steve Ott who is turning into quite the complete package, but I'd say Brad Richards. He is involved every single shift. He's amazingly patient and calm, and has enviable vision. He's also unselfish, and makes those around him better. He's almost a point a game guy, and I lose count of the amazing plays he sets up game in and game out. Not all of those result in goals (and sometimes not even assists for him when they are goals), but he is always a danger.

He's not flashy and in your face, and I think that is part of why he isn't given as much credit as he deserves.

Its gotta be Ribs and Richards. After they were called out by Tip over the Detroit debacle, they have come to play every night and have been difference makers.

Also, huge credit has to go to Dave Tippett for righting this ship and getting the stars to play hard nosed, checking hockey by every single player, no excuses. Thats what tippet's teams are known for and they are showing it right now.

Go Stars...Keep it up!

Hmmm, I think I'd have to go with Otter. He's been great lately.

Also, Tracey, it's also great to have you back here (at least for this post). I hope you make a regular appearance.

Good to have you back.

There are so many that have upped their game. Ott and Richards have both been playing really, really well. Ever since Ott could play but not fight, he has been on fire. Richards has started showing what he can do.

welcome back!!!

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