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March 10, 2009


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This is a dangerous first step, then they'll want to ban all fighting. I'll lose interest at that point.

Like fighting is a problem in the NHL, it just attracts more fans. What will be next after they ban fighting? No hits? a minimum requirement for 50% of girl players in the NHL?

Staged fights are stupid anyway. I don't care for meaningless fights... Now if said heavyweight was going around bashing all the players into the boards, and the other heavyweight said "ok bud, I've had enough" and starts fighting, THAT'S a hockey fight.

"staged fights" might be "stupid" as you say, but when they happen, do people go buy a hot-dog? No, they love 'em!

I also prefer real fights that occur during the action but are "staged fights" really a problem? Who decided there was something wrong with them? Do people after the game go "man that was a great game but I'm so pissed 2 guys had a great fight right after they dropped the puck, I had to cover my eyes"?

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