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March 01, 2009


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I think they're probably done for this year - even if they make it to the playoffs, their chances of getting past teams like the Blackhawks, Sharks, Red Wings, and maybe even the Canucks - not to mention the Bruins who they played once with a 1-5 loss - is going to make their playoff tenure short lived.

I think this year is pretty much finished out with so many key players hurt or otherwise. Next year will be much better if they can get Morrow, Zubov, Richards, Wilson off the IR, and Ott unsuspended and healed - combined with "The Kids", 18, 21, & 13...they'll be holding a position somewhere around what the Blackhawks are doing this year.

I think they are done. They showed no desire yesterday. I don't understand. No one has stepped up to prove to the coaches that they deserve a spot when the injured players return.

As bw states, "I don't understand." We have seen what they can do. When your backs are against the wall (boards), that's the time to play harder, every game. No choice. Is there a problem in the room? The coaches are giving players a chance to shine, but guys don't seem to want to do what it takes to win. I'm pulling for them, but the optimism is quickly draining away.

My guess is that not one Duck will receive a penalty for the Ott incident and Ott will get slammed. Just a gut feel, unfortunately.

3, Where are the opportunists?

You gotta wonder. Everyone of these young guys have the talent. Where is the drive that got them here at this age to begin with? Unfortunately, looks like no one has an answer.

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