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March 07, 2009


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As a French Canadian and a previous Habs fan, I can give you some answers here!

for describing the latest Habs performances on the road, "a mess" in french canadian language? "un désastre" or, if you wanna use stronger words, "ils sont poches en tabarnak!"

Forget "sacre bleu", that's from France and it's way way in left field! French canadians never use that word!

I'll be at the game, wearing a Bob Probert jersey and I'll yell insults at the Habs goalie! I have good tickets! I'd like to meet you Tracey, I'm in section 122!

I hope the stars destroy them, I hope Ribs scores 4 goals, I used to love the Habs when I grew up but now they are ridiculous!

On the plus side it's an afternoon game but the negative is they're home. Hope Ribs has a great game.

The last time we saw the Canadiens play, my husband swears they skated around during the Star Spangled Banner. We're out of town and won't be at the game. Would someone watch and let me know if they behave themselves?

your husband is probably lying, I didnt see that last year, and I didnt see that tonight

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