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March 21, 2011


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To Mr. Steve Ott,

Steve Ott really needs to learn from the Rangers on "How to Take an Elbow to the Head and Get the Opposing Player Suspended!"

First thing Stevey, Actually place your Head in the way of the elbow being thrown your way. The Elbow needs to make solid contact and show you stars in both your eyes.

Second Mr. Ott, please pay close attention to the penalty levied on Matt Cooke. Especially in regards to the contradiction displayed in light of Mario's recent comments. Your self adorned halo will be RIPPED from your skull at the very first infraction aye.

Mr. Ott,

Just a reminder for you to note that Cooke got 14+ games. Not strong enough IMO. But Mr. Ott, also note that Cooke actually hit the guy in the head. The guy did not embellish. The other lesson is actually to Dany Heatley. He got 2 games for throwing the elbow at your head. He might have seen 5 games if you didn't embellish aye.

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