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June 02, 2011


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Does it look to anyone else that Nieuwendyk is making mistake after mistake?

With the loss of Richards, Nieuwendyk's failure is complete. I hope with a new owner comes a new GM, Joe has done nothing to help this team. Sorry Joe, Loved you as a player, but the GM thing ain't working out for you. If they can't spend any money, look for the Stars to miss the playoffs for the 4th straight year.

Firing Tippet was Nieuwy's only major mistake. This is on Richards. A convenient injury at the trade deadline prevented the Stars from perusing a full value trade. Richards could sign a one year deal if he wanted to stay and check out the new owner. He obviously wants to go. Unlike many previously departed Stars I will not be wishing him success, but I will hope that he's happy.

At the time I was hoping the Star's would not trade Richards becuase I believed he was the most valuable player. However, by not signing him, it turns out to be a huge mistake by Nieuwy.

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