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January 21, 2008

Byrd flying away? Not yet.

Reports out of Chicago suggest the Cubs have targeted Rangers outfielder Marlon Byrd as part of their solution in center field in 2008 along with Felix Pie.

Speculation is that the Cubs would be willing to send outfielder Matt Murton for Byrd, who signed a 1-year, $1.8 million deal last week, or add slimmed-down minor-league pitching prospect Sean Gallagher to make a deal more attractive.

But that might not be enough to entice the Rangers. Byrd is the front-runner to play every day in left field, and his 2007 performance (.307, 10 HR, 70 RBI in 414 at-bats) suggests he could handle 500-plus at-bats. He is also insurance in center field should an injury befall Josh Hamilton.


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The Rangers need to keep Byrd. Hamilton, Byrd, and Murphy have the makings of an outfield trio that could be here for many years to come... Plus fans are just now starting to pick up on doing the "Byrd Dance" when he comes up to bat!!!

Murton has absurd splits. He kills lefties. A lot of teams don't have the room or space but we do-- and more importantly we have the need with Blalock, Broussard, Catalanato and Hamilton all better against righties. Even one for one I like the trade - I can't help but believe it would be an incredible stroke of "selling high" if we could get a prospect along with a guy who can fill a role really well.

The byrd don't need to fly to CHC
Nor do they have any cubans

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