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February 11, 2008

Rocker talks 'roids

Former major league reliever John Rocker dragged the Rangers into baseball’s steroid mess Monday, when he told two Atlanta radio stations that he and three marquee teammates were told in 2002 by players association and baseball doctors how to use steroids.

Rocker claims he, Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro were pulled aside by doctors after a spring-training team meeting.

“Look guys, if you take one kind of steroid, you don’t triple-stack them and take them 10 months out of the year like [former NFL player] Lyle Alzado did,” Rocker said doctors told the foursome in a “candid” conversation. “If you do it responsibly, it’s not going to hurt you.”

Rocker, who became more known for his insensitive comments than his on-field performance, pitched in 30 games for the Rangers in 2002-03.

Jim Sundberg, the executive vice president of communications for the Rangers, said he had listened to the two Rocker interviews and had no comment. “There’s nothing for us to respond to,” Sundberg said.

Rocker, who is mentioned in the Mitchell Report for receiving two prescriptions for human growth hormone in 2003, also claimed that Major League Baseball ordered him to take a drug test in 2000. He failed the test, and said that commissioner Bud Selig knew of the results. MLB said in a statement that the Employee Assistant Program would have conducted the test and kept its results confidential.

-- Jeff Wilson


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