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March 28, 2008

If you can't wait for Sunday's Star-Telegram preview

You can access the section online by going to:


Feel free to digest at your leisure.

- Anthony Andro


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How about giving us an update on John Patterson? He has many fans in the DC area and we want to keep up with him. What is the prognosis of pitching coach Mark Connor? What are the plans for him in the near future? Please keep us informed.

By the way, we believe he got a raw deal in DC!

He's going to rehab and build his arm strength in Triple A. He has an out in June if he's not on the Rangers' roster.

Speaking of "Homegrown" how about the "Pride of Brewer High" Kelly Shoppach? Catcher for the AL Central Champions Cleveland Indians who are picked by the Sporting News to win the divison this year over Detroit. Local boy makes good and of course no mention by the local hometown newspaper.

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