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April 26, 2008

Nolan Ryan speaks

Rangers president Nolan Ryan met with the media for about 10 minutes Saturday. Here are a couple of highlights from what he said.

"We're in the process of looking at all aspects of the ballclub. If there's anything realistically we can change to make a difference, we're just looking at it. I brought Tom (Hicks) up to date of where we were and what happened on the road trip because he's been in England."

"We have greater expectations than what we've seen so far."

"Ron doesnt' pitch. He doesn't hit and he doesn't field. We have to look at it from the perspective are we doing the things we should be doing to win ballgames or are the guys responding to Ron. The fans are going to have to understand that we're not going to have a kneejerk reaction even though we've gotten off to one of the worst starts this organization has ever gotten off to."

"I think they (the players) are very frustrated with their performance and they feel bad they haven't played better and the focus has gone to him (Washington) more than it has to them. I think that is obviously the tendency."

- Anthony Andro


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