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June 27, 2008

Ugly game for pitchers

Through three innings, we've had more than 140 pitches thrown and 11 runs scored. The highlight so far has to be Chris Davis' opposide-field homer, which put the Rangers up 6-5. As bad as Kason Gabbard has looked, he still has a one-hitter and hasn't allowed an earned run.


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C.J. Wilson gets a save after giving up a homer and 3 hits in one inning "worked". Something is wrong with the stat criteria when this kind of "effort" is a save.

His breaking ball is flat and he delivers it with a different motion than his fastball. Major league hitters see that.
Does the Ranger "brain trust" see that. All I ever see Mark Connor do when he goes to the mound is clap his hands. Is that a requirement?

Move Francisco to closer and Wilson pitches only to left hand batters. Gabbard and Benoit to the minor. Hurry!

The definition of insanity:

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".

Rangers, please, C.J. Wilson is NOT a closer. Maybe a set up man against left handed batters. His era now is almost 5.00 and rising.

Try anyone else, anyone. Try me. I pitched pretty well in high school in 1963.

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