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July 30, 2008

Best guess

If the Rangers are to make a trade before the deadline, Gerald Laird would seem to be the most likely piece to move. Here's one way it could happen:

The Giants send Bengie Molina to the Marlins for Mike Jacobs. The Giants lose no prospects or pitching there.

The Giants would need a catcher, and Laird would be the best available not just to fill a hole for the rest of the season but for a few years until prospect Pablo Sandoval is ready.

The Rangers would like to land Jonathan Sanchez. Laird-for-Sanchez wouldn't happen, so the Rangers could add Joaquin Arias to the mix and maybe a pitching prospect.

Would the Giants pulled the trigger if the Rangers wanted left-handed reliever Jack Taschner for Laird? That would also help the Rangers this season. They're only 4 1/2 games out in the wild-card race.

Just throwing something on a wall. Maybe it will stick.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Some excellent thoughts/scenarios. But would rather see Salty go somewhere than Laird. At 6'4" Salty does not have the quickness to be a good defensive catcher. That and his arm is mediocre. Laird has a more compact stroke at the plate and a much better arm. Max Ramirez at Frisco is a comer.

Salty expressed discontent when Laird came off the DL and got his job back. When one is hitting .233 and complaining about lack of playing time on a team hitting .280, a readjustment may be needed--to another team perhaps.

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