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July 31, 2008

It's official: No trades

Word from the public-relations office is that the Rangers did not make a deal before the trade deadline. Not a shock, but perhaps a little disappointing considering the team is 4 1/2 games out of the wild-card race.


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The worst part of the deadline: JD didn't even kick-start rumors that give fans hope. Nothing! Nada! Zilch!

I'm so glad we have four major-league ready catchers, an outfielder with 37 homers in AAA, an awful rotation that can't stay healthy, and a liability for a closer.

"Uh – Wild Card? Don't talk about – Wild Card? You kidding me? Wild Card? I just hope we can finish above .500!"

I hope this doesn't come back to bite them in the butt.

you have four catchers. laird is going to play his last game here in september. thats no secret. receiving anything is better than receiving nothing. i think his demands were extremely high. top pitching prospects? there is about 4 guys on the current texas rangers squad that is worth 'top pitching prospects' in return. none of them are on the trading block. also there is no reason nelson cruz should still be in the minor leagues. you know he is royally pissed that nothing happen more than anyone. there is no question he can play in and be a productive major leaguer. he just needs a new team. jd did a disservice to him by keeping him in the minors and not finding another opportunity to play in the show.

There's no question that Nelson Cruz can be a productive major leaguer?

Maybe you missed the first 3 times he was up and failed miserably.

The jump from AAA to MLB is quite big.

The team has depth in the minors - Laird has 1 more year bound to the Rangers vis arbitrations --
A trade to make the play-offs by trading away prospests is what the old rangers did
Fianlly the Rangers appear to have a long term plan that is solid.
This winter is the time to take stock of what they have -- what is available and make a trade or stand pat
Which ever happens this team is looking good for the long haul

I'll not criticize Daniels for not making a deal by Thursday because I don't know what he was offered. And anything offered the Rangers now or in the next few months should be players that can be developed (used or traded for pitching). Anything else other teams are offering we do not need.

As to Cruz failing in his first three tries at the majors, it should have been expected. We must remember that this guy, although 28, started baseball later than most if not all others. And I doubt Cincinatti offered little for him. He's out of options so the Rangers will wait and bring him up in September and see what he can do and that will determine his value in '09--with the club or traded.

This season is done except to develop players and position them to stay or trade for needs.

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