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August 30, 2008

How did the following things just happen?

How was Torii Hunter safe at home on a single by Mike Napoli when Hunter never touched home plate? Here's why: plate ump Dale Scott blew the call.

How did Gerald Laird not get ejected while arguing his case? Here's why: plate ump Dale Scott knows he blew the call.

Scott might have blown it twice. After Hunter was called safe, he returned to home plate to touch it (that should tell Scott something, that the runner didn't think he had touched home). But he wasn't safe the second time either, as Laird dove back and tagged Hunter before he could get to the plate. Maybe Laird missed the tag the first time, but Hunter still missed the plate.

In any event, Laird didn't get time before arguing and Napoli went to third. He scored as he and the next hitter, Brandon Wood, executed a suicide squeeze.

-- Jeff Wilson


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