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August 23, 2008

I'd like to thank those for staying with us

There were actually 29,900 at the Ballpark tonight, which makes 2 million still an attainable goal. However, most of them have left now at 11:15 as we're still in the top of the eighth. The Rangers are now on their fifth pitcher of the night and in danger of losing all three series on this homestand. A .500 record now would seem like a major achievement given the way this team is playing. So my question for you is this: The Rangers have 32 games remaining after tonight. How many will they win? Once you answer that question, you are free to go to bed.

- Anthony Andro


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I guess 10-15 out of 32. Unless we bring the entire Redhawks to Arlington. Then maybe 20. BTW, where did the crowd go?

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