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August 28, 2008

When Wright is wrong

Jamey Wright was no good in the eighth inning, and Warner Madrigal didn't do much better. The Angels  stormed from behind with five runs, and Francisco Rodriguez notched 51st save of the season as the Rangers lost 7-5.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Who ever is in charge in the Ranger front office should be fired. They wouldn't know Cy young if he was in the dug-out with them.
How many times over the past 36 years did we trade away excellant pitchers (Danks, Volquez,davis recently, dave stewart was ours at one time. (Am I the only one who notices that pitchers we have discarded somehow go Cy with their new team.
We don't know how to develop, manage, teach anything that involves pitching.

You can't get a different result with the same old (no idea management)

The Rangers are good a picking and developing position players, but they absolutely suck at pitchers (when are you going to see it Tom Hicks). You need to go out and hire upper management personel frm the Astros, yankees, oakland, minn, boston, Atlanta, Clevland------(get it!!), teams who year after year after year show up with good pitching.
Anyone on your management team who thinks mandragal is a pitcher should be fired immediately, and anyone who would put him in, with the game on the line should be fired (wash)
I have been a loyal Ranger fan (Driving my wife crazy---with my Rants for 36 years.
I am losing the battle with time (im 54), and am begining to think I will never see a winner here.
Tom Hicks--> (Fix it or get out of the way (sell), and let us have the opportunity to have a winner (in my lifetime)
If you don't sell and I was Mike young, Kinsler, I would opt out of my contract like Tex, A-rod did. Every athelete wants to win, they can't do that here.

Jimmyjack - Why are you putting down Warner Madrigal? I'm an Angel fan and the Angels were developing him into a pitcher. He's a good pitcher but last year he was in High A ball I believe. It isn't his fault the Rangers have him in the majors now. That's a great way to ruin a future good pitcher. If the Angels saw something in him then maybe he is good. Too bad they forgot about a date and didn't get him re-signed. The Rangers never should have been allowed to steal him. So go ahead and send Warner back to us. He'll be a great pitcher that way.

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