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September 05, 2008

Have a question for Ron Washington?

Now's your chance!

We're taking your questions now for Rangers manager Ron Washington. He'll answer them all (yes, every question) on Sept. 16.

Either submit a question in the comments below or click here to leave them on our official Rangers chat forum!


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In your opinion is Hank Blalock's health starting to out weigh his potential.

It is a sore subject but I have been a Rangers fan since 1979 and it always seems as if the Rangers are more concerned with hitters than pitchers.GM Daniels has showed signs of trying to focus on pitching but if not for the trade of Danks,Young and Volquez we could be be perennial playoff contenders.Josh Hamilton is a great player but di he put us in the playoffs?NO but Volquez would have put us much closer.Look at what Detroit did a few years ago.When are we going to get really serious about the development of pitching.

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