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September 03, 2008

Rare air in a 1-0 victory

It's a 1-0 final. It's just the third 1-0 Rangers victory in Arlington in the last 18 seasons. The game only took 2 hours, 11 minutes. The question for you is this, does Dustin Nippert deserve a chance to start next season?

Click here for a photo gallery of today's game by staff photographer Darrell Byers.

- Anthony Andro


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Given the others that have taken the hill for the Rangers this year, he definitely does!

One good start and you ask if he deserves a starting spot in the rotation next year? That's a little hasty don't you think?

There are way too many guys in this organization who has the chance to be a decent starter next year for Nippert to even be guarentee a spot even on the roster!

If there are no significant trades or additions your rotation contenders are:


Look at Nip's previous 2 trips in the rotation before this one.. Not so good buddy. I do agree he has good stuff, a very nice fastball and decent breaking stuff, but it's his location that gets him sometimes. He has shown an ability to get hitters out, but he needs to be more consistant. I like his arm, but he needs to prove more than one good start.

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