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November 04, 2008

GM meetings: Day 1 highlight so far

Some staff members at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Marble Everywhere Resort seemed to be very upset with the media throng that engulfed super agent Scott Boras in the lobby. According to one stuffy member of the hotel staff, he told the media on Monday to move such happenings to a side hallway but they didn't listen. Whatever.

My first career encounter with Boras, albeit on the outer part of the four-deep circle of bodies around him, was pleasant enough. Not once did he shoot venom from his eyes, and his head never made a 360-degree turn. I learned why so many players want him as their agent. I want him as my agent. He has volumes of info on his clients, and could also speak in great detail about past free-agent markets and the economy of baseball and the country.

He's good, though I would have suggested a different shirt.

-- Jeff Wilson


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Thanks for the updates, Jeff.

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