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November 04, 2008

GM Meetings: Day 1 improves

A walk around the fifth floor (that's the main level) of the St. Regis Monarch Beach Super-Swank Resort produced action, relatively speaking.

I met Kevin Bender, who has put a documentary on six legendary baseball broadcasters on DVD. It's called Ball Talk: Baseball's Voices of Summer. I'll watch it.

The lunch hour forced some GMs and execs to come out of hiding and roam around the hotel. Three of the Rangers' front-office team seen are John Hart, Jay Robertson and Don Welke. Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is here with his new GM, Ruben Amaro Jr. They just stepped off the elevator that media types are keeping an eye on from our work room.

The media get their hands on the GMs at 4:15, which is 6:15 CST and will put a dent into my viewing of election coverage. Knowing I would be out of town on election day, I voted Oct. 25. The process took -- I'm totally serious -- three minutes. I know there have been long early-voting lines across the country, and those counties need to consult Tarrant County on how to run an early election.

-- Jeff Wilson


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