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December 11, 2008

Rule 5 Fever

MLB has saved the best for last. That's right: The Rule 5 draft is only minutes away. (FYI, I believe it is Star-Telegram style, and possible style at most newspapers, to ditch the Roman numeral.) The Rangers have a full 40-man roster, so they won't be players unless they clear a spot in the next 38 minutes. It's possible they could lose Pedro Strop or Ben Harrison, though Strop's situation is complicated and Harrison is 27.

Strop's situation: His elbow is broken, and there's a pin in there. He won't start throwing again until February. If he is selected, the team that picks him will have to carry him for at least 90 non-DL days on the active roster or risk him being Rule 5-eligible next year. That's a big risk, especially for a converted shortstop, even for only $50,000.

-- Jeff Wilson


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