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January 16, 2009

A Great Resource at Third

Whew! Everybody glad that's over? Now, the question is, what's next?

The answer: Maybe the two best words in the English language....Spring Training!

That's where the rubber will meet the road and Michael Young will begin to face the challenges of playing third on a daily basis and we'll be seeing, also on a daily basis, the difference Elvis Andrus can make at short. Fortunately for Andrus, he has Young to help him out. And fortunately for Young, he 'll have one of the best defensive third baseman who ever put on a Rangers' uniform right there in Surprise, Ariz., with him.

His name is Steve Buechele, and if the Rangers' don't ask him to spend some one-on-one time tutoring Young, they're simply out in left field. It's called using your resources.

True, new coach Dave Anderson will handle the infielders and he'll be working with Young regularly, but Buechele, one of the Rangers' new Class A (emphasis on "class") skippers, is too good to waste. Boo's been there, done that. He has much knowledge he can impart to Young.



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IF MY is not too proud, he can learn how to think as a 3rd baseman from Boo,
this would be a real help to MY.
This should improve the Rangers, and Omar is a good move also.

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