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January 15, 2009

Daniels on Young

Here's what Jon Daniels told Anthony Andro about Michael Young's decision to play third base at a town-hall meeting in North Richland Hills. More will be coming from Daniels and team president Nolan Ryan later tonight.

"We're very appreciative and pleased with Michael's decision," Daniels said. "Hopefully, he felt it was in the beset interest of the club. Michael's always been a team guy, so I'm not surprised."

There seems to be a rift between Young and Daniels. Young was asked today if he has any plans to talk to Daniels, and he said no and that he has nothing to say to him.

Daniels also said he hasn't talked to Young, but was focused on looking forward.

"As an organization, we're looking to put this behind us and get ready for spring training," Daniels said. "We've got bigger things to do."

-- Jeff Wilson


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Terrell Young needs to get over himself and just play baseball (and cash his checks). He is not nearly the man I thought he was. Turns out to be more moody than any chick on The Hills. Just slap some vagisil on it Terrell Young...it will be okay.

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