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January 17, 2009

Insurance is Sweet

Great move by the Rangers to begin negotiations with slick-fielding Omar Vizquel as a utility infielder.

Vizquel can provide them with an insurance policy should things not work out with Elvis Andrus at short this spring. And he can also be another veteran mentor for the rookie -- their hometowns in Venezuela are less than 40 miles apart -- who will need all the help he can get.

Almost as importantly, it would mean the Rangers don't have to worry about having to ask Michael Young to move back to short from third should the Andrus project fail.

This is a deal the Rangers need to push through ASAP.



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I'm sure JD can get this done if he gives Omar proper respect and approaches him lips moistened, on bended knee, begging and pleading.......

No begging necessary. Who else needs a 41-year old shortstop???

Agree, I think Vizquel would be the ideal player to help ease Andrus into the big leagues. Has Jon Daniels commented on possibly signing Freddy Garcia? Would it close the book on Ben Sheets?

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