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January 27, 2009

More Hope?

The Andy Pettitte signing with the Yankees, apparently taking them out of the Ben Sheets sweepstakes, wasn't the only news Tuesday that could impact the Rangers and their starting rotation.
The Boston Herald, citing a source close to the negotiations, also reports that the Red Sox have given 37-year-old catcher and team captain Jason Varitek a deadline of this Saturday to accept their contract offer or see it pulled off the table.
If Varitek doesn't take the deal, the Red Sox will then proceed with alternate catching plans and that may lead them back to the Rangers and their pursuit of either Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Taylor Teagarden. The Rangers, according to a team source, would deal Saltalamacchia head up for right-hander Clay Buchholtz.
The Red Sox have reportedly also talked to the Arizona Diamondbacks about catcher Miguel Montero.
Think about it for a minute: If things fall right, the Rangers could still add Sheets and Bucholtz to their rotation before spring training, giving them a rotation of Sheets, Kevin Millwood, Vincente Padilla and Bucholtz with Scott Feldman, Matt Harrison and Brandon McCarthy battling it out for the fifth spot. And with Neftali Feliz, Derek Holland, Thomas Diamond or one of the other young studs waiting for someone to falter.
Mind boggling, isn't it?


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It is mind boggling. And, it may be wishful thinking, but I think Millwood and Padilla are destined to have a better year due to the fact they have to hear the pitter patter of young footsteps behind them in Feliz/Holland et al, and the addition of Sheets and Bucholtz would bring a change of atmosphere to this team. It has looked sooo hopeless around here for an awful long time.

A good GM would get it done, alas, we will get neither. LOL at the poster above thinking Millfat and the Mad Bulgarian will be better.

The Rangers would deal Salty for Buchholz, but why would BOston? WIll never happen. Must be a slow news day.

Salty is a nice prospect but has shown less at the major league level than Buchholtz has. I doubt that the Red Sox would be willing to trade a potential #1 or #2 pitcher for an offense only catcher.

There is absolutely no way the redsox will deal Bucholz for Salty. The fact you think so is mind boggling

It's Buchholz not Buchholtz.

I really think the Red Sox would rather have Teagarden than Salty.

Jim I cover the Boston Red Sox, and Theo will not trade Buchholz for Salty or Teagareden. Theo values Buchholz way to much probably more then he really should. He would rather trade Bowden and Bard to land one of Texas catchers before he trades Buchholz. If the Sox do in fact resign Varitek which all points that he will take the deal. Theo has said he would go to camp and this year with Bard as his 2nd catcher.

The Sox dealing for Saltalamacchia isn't predicated on Varitek signing this offered contract. I would say that the Sox could sign Varitek and still make the deal for Saltalamacchia. Using Varitek as a mentor for Saltalamacchia. Seeing how Saltalamacchia has said that Varitek is one of his idols.

I love these people who call Saltalamacchia an "offense only" catcher. How can you pigeon hole a 23 year old kid who still has all the time in the world to get better defensively. Also, Saltalamacchia has also fallen on his face allot less then Buchholz has in the majors. Get your Sox colored glasses off Sox fans! Stop over valuing your prospects!

The Red Sox will not trade Buchholz. They will probably trade Bowden or Bard. Bard will likely become a closer and Bowden a #2 starter, not bad for one of the catchers. Texas seems prepared to deal one otherwise why signe Melhouse

Sox seem prepared to deal Buchholz, otherwise why sign Smoltz and Penny. Your interpretation of Melhuse makes me LOLOL!

How do the Sox signing Smoltz and Penny for one year amount to them being prepared to deal Buchholz? It seems to me that they are adding depth and giving Buchholz more of an opportunity to strengthen his game, repetoire and confidence without the added pressure of performing on the big stage.

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