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January 28, 2009

So what does the Texas bullpen look like now?

For all the talk about Ben Sheets, maybe the Rangers need to spend a little more time trying to figure out who's coming in for the starters. The loss of Joaquin Benoit really hurts, especially if you were expecting him to pitch like his 2007 self. The way I see it, the seven-man pen is in a huge state of flux.

The givens are closer Frank Francisco, lefty C.J. Wilson and right-hander Josh Rupe. They want Kason Gabbard in relief, which gives you two left-handers. A healthy Derrick Turnbow would be a huge help from the right side, but can he be counted on? Then what? Warner Madrigal and Dustin Nippert would put you at six relievers. But Madrigal hasn't pitched a full season and Nippert could figure as a starter? Is Luis Mendoza your seventh man? It kind of makes you appreciate Jamey Wright a little more, doesn't it?

If you're comfortable with a relief staff of Francisco, Wilson, Rupe, Gabbard, Turnbow, Madrigal and Nippert, then rest easy. If not, what are the answers.

- Anthony Andro


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I wouldnt mind Chad Cordero added to bullpen.

In general, I'm not a big fan of signing free agents. But with the two injuries already, this is one area where someone probably needs to be brought on board. Gagne might be worth a look, he did okay with us earlier.

I say kick the tires on Guardado, then Gagne. Supposedly Gagne wants 3 mil plus incentives, not sure he's worth that in this market. I'm guessing Cordero didn't throw that well a month ago otherwise he would be signed by now. Guardado would be a good LOOGY and mentor for our young guys. Also, if the Rangers are miraculously in contention, Feliz will be in the pen by July.

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