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February 03, 2009

Eleven days to go

Rangers pitchers and catchers report to Surprise, Ariz., in 11 days, and there's one spot open on the 40-man roster. For those who haven't noticed, there are plenty of attractive free agents still available on a very unique market. The Rangers have needs at starting pitching and in the bullpen, and they would be a better club with another right-handed bat.

Which need do you address, and who do you sign?

Ben Sheets to head the rotation?

Juan Cruz, a solid right-handed reliever who probably won't get anywhere near what he wants financially?

Andruw Jones, a right-handed hitter who is back in shape and could flourish under Rudy Jaramillo?

There are others (Randy Wolf is solid, veteran lefty; former closer Chad Cordero fits the Rangers' trend of recent low risk/high reward signees; and Manny Ramirez was a right-handed hitter the last time I checked). What's your move?

-- Jeff Wilson


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Well if what Nolan said is true and the Rangers REALLY aren't going to spend a bunch of money then I think the only guys you can sign are Ben Sheets and Chad Coredero.

Juan Cruz is probably what we need most right now considering the injury to Benoit, but if Eddie can come back and do what he did last year then we'll be alright there. The problem is that there's nothing wrong with Juan Cruz except the slow economy, so even though he may not get the money he wants there's bound to be 2 - 3 other teams out there willing to pay more than the Rangers.

I don't want a thing to do with Andruw Jones unless it's for absolutley nothing + incentives. Maybe we'd be a better team with a right handed bat, but offense is not our most important concern.

Obviously Manny won't be here if Nolan is telling the truth because that would involve spending BIG money. He's not getting what he wants, but the Dodgers offers have still been contracts that are well out of our range (unless, again, Nolan is lying or we get a huge discount).

Sheets and Coredero are two guys that are our bread and butter here of late, low risk/high reward. The story has been told and re-told since December so there's nothing Earth shattering here. If we can put him on a 2 year contract and he is healthy then we have a genuine chance to compete this year and a really good shot in 2010.

So, considering that my team president told me we're not spending any big time money I sign Sheets to a 2 year 10 million dollar deal with incentives to make it a 20 million dollar deal and a club option for a 3rd year.

If Cruz isn't signed by spring training I make an offer on a 1 year contract with an option for a 2nd year in the neighborhood of 3 million a year + incentives to make it 5 million a year.

If I can sign Andruw Jones for nothing then I do it, if he wants guaranteed money I end the conversation.

Sheets or Cordero are really the only two I want, and I want Cordero on a minor league contract a la Guardado. Cruz is a type A free agent. I'm not giving up draft picks for anything less than Sheets. Jones is too big of a gamble, even with Jaramillo. Wolf is also too much money for what he could bring.

Sheets is better than Derek Lowe and I think he signed a 4/60. Sheets is also better than Perez(L) who signed at 3/60.

Instinct says the Rangers would do 2 guar./1 option if not for the medical history being "SOOOO" bad. must be bad.

so what's being thrown out there is a 1 guar./1 option.

both of these of course would be incentive based.

Is it possible to do the 2/1 with the first being incentive laden, 2nd and 3rd guaranteed amounts? Gives them a year to be careful with him, hope for the best, and then hope for even better in the 2nd year.

Risk willing to take to bring an ace in like that?

Pedro to mentor Feliz?? Huh?? Huh??


If we get Cruz we wouldn't have to give up any draft picks because they're protected.

What pitchers? the rangers dont have any pitcher.

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