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February 25, 2009

Hamilton, nine others sign

The Rangers have all 39 players on the 40-man roster under contract for 2009. Josh Hamilton was in the group of 10 whose deals were completed Wednedsay. He'll make $550,000 -- a depature from the Rangers' scale for non-arbitration-eligible players -- with the chance to make $50,000 more through incentives.

But there have been no negotiations with his representative, Michael Moye, about a long-term extention. General manager Jon Daniels said it has been discussed internally, and Hamilton said he's not going to worry about when a deal could be done.

Here's a list of the players signed Wednesday. The major-league minimum is $400,000.


Guillermo Moscoso=RHP=$400,000

Warner Madrigal=RHP=$404,730

Travis Metcalf=3B=$403,220

Eric Hurley=RHP=$401,000

Chris Davis=1B=$406,620

Taylor Teagarden=C=$401,000

Josh Hamilton=CF=$555,000

German Duran=INF=$403,940

Max Ramirez=C=$402,000

Thomas Diamond=RHP=$400,000

-- Jeff Wilson


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Out of curiosity, do these work as "split" contracts? i.e., will Diamond only make $400,000 pro rata if he's called up and make AAA money if he's in the minors? Or is he guaranteed $400k regardless?

I believe if you're on the Major League 25-man roster on Opening Day, you're guaranteed the full $ value of the contract. Otherwise, it will be prorated. If you're called up later and then go back down, you only get ML money for the time actually on the 25-man roster.

Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

You are correct about the salaries being adjusted for players sent down. Those figures posted were big-league contracts only.

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